Information, theoretical summary of
Jab for Health (J for H )Vaccine
Method to prevent and to treat atherosclerosis

Introduction of the subject

The possibility of the eradication of atherosclerosis was echived by numerous steps:

1. The recognation of the real cause of atherosclerosis, the verificasion of the cause and to improve of its theory
2. The discovery of anticholesterol antibody (ACHA)
3. The invention of the antigen usable for the stimulation of ACHA production.
4. The modification of the ACHA stimulator antigen for human utilization.
5. The first control of ACHA stimulator antigen in human volunter.

Ont he basis of the animal experiments the J for H vakcine is valuable for the stimulation of the anticholesterol anbtibody production.As a consequence of it the choleterol metabolisme is co-ordinated.The immunization on experimental animals was preventing the athrosclerosis, and the placks were decreased.

On all occasions the cholesterol methabolisme was co-ordinated after the immunization. The immunization experiments made by the GYEL (Drug Control Institute) verificated the decrease of the placks. The human subjects are not for experiment, but the anticholesterol antibody (ACHA) was demonstrated in the sera of the healthy and sclerotic patientsand the stimulation of the ACHA by the immunization. It was demonstrated that the level of the ACHA in the sera of the healthy subjects was significantly higher then in the sclerotic patients.

(A. Horváth, G. Füst et al.: Anti-cholesterol antibodies (ACHA) in patients with different atherosclerotic vascular diseases and healthy individuals. Characterization of human ACHA. Atherosclerosis 156 (2001)185-192).

Only the official clinical control of our own made antigén can give a proove of prevention and curativ influence of the immunization in human.

It is most likely yes, because the cholesteriol methabolisme is very similer in the animal world.

All of the animals are producing cholesterol but non of them are able to digest it by ensimes. After the apoptotic die of the cells the liberated cholesterol is reutilizated by the homunculus system of the body.

1. The ingradients of the antigen:"artificial bakteria" made from higly purified and substitued cholesterol base.

2. The structure of the antigen: Particules are with a micrococcus size (200-400 nm)

3. The stability of the antigen: The fisical behavier of the antigen did not changed after 4 years storidge in refrigerator (+5 C) They are well suspending and microscopic morfology was was not changed. The particules were not agglutinated . The grapes form agglutination was preventable by fiziological intermixtures.

4. Protocol for the immunization: On experimental animals 1 mg particules nine times during six weeks (3-2-1-1-1-1 injection/week)

5. Human immunization: It is same as the animal protocol.

6. The procedure of immunization: 1mg particule /ml fiziological solutin plus 0,1 ml self serum administred in each case by intravenous injection.

7. The human subjects for immunization: Healthy and atherosclerotic volunters. They must be able to understand and sign the information documents.

8. Risks and side effects: The probability of the risk is veri litle. We did not observed any side effects neither in the experiments nor on human subject. The agglutination was prohibited by the self serum. The increase of the antibody forced by the intravenous injection of the antigen is pressing the antibody titre into the fiziological direction. The prosperous effect was produced by the increase of the titre of antikoleszterol antibody stimulated by the intravenous injection of the antigen.

9. The theoretical explanation of the effect: The influence of the cause of atherosclerosis the ACHA titre is decreasing and it is a starter for the LDL piling and it is folowed by the atherosclerosis. At the start of the sclerotization the titre of the ACHA is continue decreasing. As a conseguence of it more and more apo-B joint to the LDL particule hampering the utilization of the cholesterol. Even the cholesterol level is high in the blood, a "cholesterol starvation" is existing forcing the cholesterol production by the fit back mechanizm. As a consequence of the immunization this phenomenon is turning back. Producing more and more ACHA and fixing to the cholesterol moleculas at the surface of the LDL, bloking the apoB fixation to the particula and helping the fixation of the particulas to the cell receptors. The decrease of the cholesterol level in the blood starts up the mobilization and utilization of the depo-cholesterol of the placks. The growing cholesterol utilization is forsing the bile production and as a consequence of it helping the remouve of the cholesterol by the feces. More then 90 per cent of the cholesterol adhibited to bile production, it is almoust the only quantum and possibility to remouve the cholesterol from the body éven an important part of the bile acids return to the circulation.

10. The results to be expected:

The increase of the ACHA titre is espected and observed from the immunization with micrococcal size cholesterol particulas on sclerotic pacients. By the influence of the immunization the cholesterol metabolisme is normalized and at the end the placks are decreased as it was observed at the experimental animals.

The expected results are verified by the facts that:

1. The cholesterol in the human body are identical with cholesterol of the animals. 2. The cholesterol parts of the feeding stuff does not stimulate ACHA production. 3. In the human blood without antibody stimulation is circulating the cholesterol.

The ACHA titre is continously decreasing at the start of the sclerotization. The quantum of the bed cholesterol (LDL) is rising. The fixation of ACHA to the lipoproteins is reduced before all to the LDL. More and more apo-B joint to the LDL and hampering the utilization of the cholesterol. The immunization is turning back this process and at the end of it the sclerotization is decresing, disapearing and the patient is recovered. The industrial production of the antigen needs an animal farm.The needed conditions are given, the land and the field for the animals are disposable. The construction of the factory depens ont he permition of the vaccine and the market in the near future.

Publications and works:

The experiments were made in five istitute with the same results:

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The works was made:
1. Dicovery of the anticholesterol antibody
2. Invention of the vaccine use to use for immunization
3. Experimental animal works: (in five institute) Artefitial atherosclerosis provocation and immuzation. Histological examination of the vessels.
4. Labor tests: ACHA demonstration, Complementfixation, ELISA, VDRL, RPR, TPIT, FTA-abs
5. Publications in congress and on the papers.
6. Human kontrol by self injection.
7. International communication in human control, sample demonstrations. (Russian, Swedish, Rumanian, Spanish, German,.)
8. International and home negotiation for the offícial human control.

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